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The Bridge to Your Weekend 2

“AWESOME Venue! Please bring it back next year. Wonderful family event. Gorgeous view of the river and bridge. We went twice this year and definitely will come next year each week. Enjoyed having vendors offer food. GREAT IDEA and location!”

“It was a family friendly event and a wonderful location, so relaxing to watch the river, visit and listen to music. Thank you for providing this event and all the work that went into it. We loved the name – so appropriate!”

“This is a great event. My wife and I planned our Friday evenings around the concerts. We would dine near downtown, take in the concerts, and then stroll the Riverfront afterwards. Thanks to all the sponsors and promoters.”

“The venue is great. Loved the intimate setting and crowd. It was also nice to have a food vendor present. It was truly an enjoyable experience.”