Blankets and Lawn Chairs

Blankets, lawn chairs and other similar items (except tarps) may be taken to Bridge Beats on the day of the event. It is highly recommended that concert-goers stay with their belongings and do not leave them unattended. There are no assurances that unattended materials will not be moved or removed.


Items for personal consumption are permitted in the park. Food from local food truck vendors and beverages from Shucks will be available for purchase. Some vendors only accept cash.

Over-night Camping or Sleeping

​Camping/sleeping at the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian plaza is not permitted.


FREE parking will be available at the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Visitor Center. Additional parking can be found at the Lewis and Clark Landing public parking lots. Handicap accessible parking is also available at the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge Plaza at 705 Riverfront Drive.

Park and City Laws

​All park rules and regulations, as well as all appropriate City, County and State laws are in effect for Bridge Beats events.

Park Cleanup and Items Left in the Park

​Park cleanup may begin immediately after the event. Concert-goers must remove all personal items from the park by 10:00 p.m. Any items left in the park will be disposed of during cleanup. Trash barrels are available throughout the concert grounds. Concert-goers are encouraged to place all their personal trash in or around the barrels.


​Pets are welcomed at Bridge Beats but owners should use common pet courtesy. If a pet is acting aggressive or owner is not properly cleaning up after them, they will be asked to leave.


​In the case of inclement weather, the decision to cancel the event will be made at Bridge Beats as close to the event as possible. There is no rain-out date for the concert.


​Portable restrooms will be available and guests are welcomed to use the restrooms at Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Visitor Center’s until 8:00 p.m.

The “Rule of Common Courtesy”

Concerts at Bridge Beats are popular and enjoyed by many. Please ensure that your enjoyment of the park, and it’s concerts, do not interfere with those around you. Smoking is only permitted outside of the Lawn/Beer Garden area.


​The sprayground will be turned off at 2:00 p.m. on days that Bridge Beats plays.

Start and End Time

Performers will start their act at 6:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm.


​For the safety of those attending the concert the City of Omaha prohibits the use of stakes in the ground. Tents and awnings restrict the sight lines of other concert-goers and are therefore restricted at the event. Umbrellas, however, are allowed.


​You may not sell any items within the park unless you have obtained a permit through our department for this specific event. Concession vendors will be provided by the event partners (per event basis). Many vendors accept cash and card. There is no ATM available at the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.