The R-Style Band is a multi-talented group made up of six members, all originating from the Omaha area. R-Style is a conglomerate of two bands that formed back in the 80’s. Former members from the bands ETC, and JAM Squad combined in 2003 to form the high-energy, show band today known as R-Style. The band takes it’s musical flavor from a wide variety of artists such as: The Temptations, Kool and the Gang, James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, and Prince, just to name a few.

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Lloyd McCarter & The Honky-Tonk Revival

Raised in the poetry of old time twang Lloyd McCarter has been immersed in traditional country music his entire life. Lloyd’s mother and father were both from musical families, Lloyd’s destiny was set into motion when the two families were joined by their love of music. At The budding age of eight Lloyd started to play guitar. Spending every weekend in a VFW or small town bar room, Lloyd would occasionally sing or play along until he would fall asleep against the speakers that were emitting honky-tonk lullabies sung by his father. Fresh out of high school Lloyd joined a touring act playing pedal steel. After seven years Lloyd decided to live without fear and began an uncertain journey to pursue his true calling. Honky-tonk. Not for money or fame, but to keep the legacy of his family and of his honky tonk heroes alive. Whether selling out a dive bar, theater, or headlining a music festival Lloyd’s combination of great showmanship, musical prowess and traditional country style always leaves the crowd eager for the next show. Lloyd McCarter is the real deal!


The Redwoods
BluesEd band, The Redwoods, formed as a brand new band to BluesEd in the spring of 2016. Members include: Mike McDermott - Drums, Roman Constantino - Guitar/Vocals, Olivia Klein - Vocals, Sam McDermott - Keys, Hunter Neumayer - Guitar/Tenor Sax, Madeline Reddel - Vocals, and Henry Tomsu - Bass.


Domestic Blend

Domestic Blend is an Omaha based Soul Pop band featuring six unique musicians that love sharing the stage together. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Brady Wells, created the band in early 2016 after working on his craft in Chicago for a few years. Once he moved back to Omaha, he met bassist Matt Jones. Matt hails from Knoxville, TN, where he started playing the bass at age 9. His southern blues roots influenced his distinct style that makes him one of a kind on the bass. Lead guitarist Chris Doolittle is an Omaha native, but developed his guitar skills while he was living in Kansas City. Upon moving back to Omaha, Chris dove into the local music scene and quickly became integrated with many bands in the area. His ability to provide soulful guitar solos creates a dynamic presence in his playing. Vocal artist Ndzi Tante is a tasteful lyricist and expressive singer. His harmonies add colorful warmth and his clever and crisp raps add a unique hip-hop flair. Drummer Brandon Myers is the true backbone of Domestic Blend, straight from Colorado Springs, CO. His ability to groove in the pocket and tremendous stamina provides everything the band needs to get you dancing. Vocalist Olivia Malik joins us all the way from San Jose, CA, offering a bold feminine sound to the soulful sound of Domestic Blend.


Blue Sunday
“Blue Sunday” is an 8-piece Omaha area band established in the 2017 season. As the latest addition to BluesEd, Blue Sunday hopes to add a new variety to the band lineup with a repertoire of soft rock, blues, reggae, and jazz. Blue Sunday is looking forward to growing together as a band, performing for the local communities, and enjoying the opportunities afforded by the BluesEd program. Audrey Edris- Vocals/Keys, Garrett Paxton- Bass, Kennedy Kersten- Sax, Avery White- Guitar, Sammy Cope- Vocals, Henrik Nelson- Drums, Sydney Jukes- Vocals, and Liam Kirk-Guitar.


Gooch & His Las Vegas Big Band

Gooch can appear from a single to a big band and everything in between. Whether you are looking for a track show, an intimate trio, a jazzy quintet or sextet, or a 7 through 17 piece big band for your special event. Gooch and The Guys can entertain with music from the Great American Songbook and beyond. Return to a time when Big Bands roamed the Earth… Discover what “Original Pop Music” sounded like. Lyrics that speak of the beauty of a love gained and the heartache of a love lost. Veteran Las Vegas Entertainer, Michael “Gooch” Gurciullo, brings his swinging big band sound to the forefront with a “Vintage Vegas Show.” A 17 piece musical extravaganza playing big band jazz and vocal numbers covering classic tunes from some of the best writers and arrangers of the 20th Century.


Lemon Fresh Day

Formed in 1998, Lemon Fresh Day has transformed over the years from a part-time college band to a full-time, full-on dance/rock show, performing a mix of all music styles & genres (as long as it gets you dancing and in the ‘party mood’)!!! Covering Top 40, Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, Hair Metal, Grunge, Rap, Classics, Alternative, etc. – you get the best songs from every channel on your radio dial!

Known for their vocal impersonations, 3-part harmonies and select sequencing, Lemon Fresh Day plays the songs the way you’re used to hearing them. Entertaining public and private events locally, regionally and nationally, Lemon Fresh Day is now one of the most popular and recognizable names in live cover music in the region, packing venues near and far!


Angel Forrest

With a career spanning 27 years, nine albums and the winner of the Maple Blues Award for Female Vocalist of the Year in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, Quebec blues belter Angel Forrest is one of the most powerful voices of the contemporary blues scene. Well known in the Canadian blues scene, Angel has been performed at major festivals in Canada and Europe and offers a rich album with various sounds ranging from blues to rock to jazz. The strength of her performances, her distinctive voice and fiery personality has allowed her to conquer the hearts of thousands of fans around the world.


Grace Giebler featuring Ben Curran
Grace is a 16 year old Omaha native. She has been singing the blues and performing to live audiences for 4 years. Not only does she sing the blues but her sound also includes jazz, indie folk and pop. Her shows are focused on honesty and vulnerability where she captivates and silences a room with her voice. Grace intertwines her young heart with an old soul. The intimacy and connectivity she shares with her audience stems beyond a quick song and dance into an emotional performance.


Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver is a popular, regional variety band from Omaha formed in 1991 and fronted by two female singers, Sarah and Michelle. They perform more than 80 shows a year for a large variety of venues and events. From weddings, to corporate, holiday, and private parties, street dances, fairs/festivals, family-friendly events, and bars; we provide a fun, interactive show that spans every decade of music from the 50’s to today.


The Personics

Originally founded in 1989, the Personics came out of retirement in 1998 to perform, once again, throughout Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. The Personics, a 4 piece cover band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, pride themselves on playing a set list of diverse, energized selections ranging from Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, and Neil Diamond to Matchbox 20, the B-52s, the Violent Femmes, the Go-Go’s, the Stray Cats, Sheryl Crow, James, INXS, Jimmy Eat World, Pink . . . and just about everything in-between!

The band members’ vocals showcase remarkable range and an uncanny way of replicating popular tunes or making a song their very own. The Personics are truly one of the Midwest’s treasures, guaranteeing an evening of raucous fun!


The 402 Arts-Musician Collective

The 402 Arts Collective is a vibrant network of artists who are committed to impacting the culture and serving the Omaha, Nebraska community. We foster a vibrant and growing collective of artists who are on a mission to serve others and make an enrich the lives of those they teach and mentor. This community of artists have pooled their resources together to make a greater impact together collectively on our community. Through teaching, creating, and performing, the students learn important life skills such as self-confidence, an appreciation of excellence, teamwork, and communication.